• To ensure the highest standard of transparency,
    enhancing efficiency and equally economy (without sacrificing the qualitative,
    quantitative standards in securing and protecting the government resources other
    than to reach the need of the common man for the progressive development of the sunrise state.
  • It include determination, need for procurement which is the basic pre-requisite in the administrative sanction its quality and quantity and the
    estimated cost of the procurement by technical sanction within the parameter of the
    need and financial resources covered by the administrative sanction vis-a-vis the method
    of the public procurement which is with visionary outlook to suit to the context of the project to undertake.
  • To provide fair and equitable treatment to all the prospective bidders / service providers.
  • To promote healthy competition and to prevent any sort of corrupt practices
  • To uphold and achieve high integrity right from administrative and technical sanction till
    completion of the project with due diligence
  • In the project preview and post view process of the tender notice and contract in its
    implementation of the project / service and with accountability of the concern at
    every stage by probity in the public procurement process. The Judicial Preview is
    step in aid to achieve the goal within the visionary outlook of the state.
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